January 19, 2015


So shall we in the rout of life
Some thought, some faith, some meaning save,
And speak it once before we go
In silence to the silent grave.
                    — George Orwell
The faintest of all human passions is the love of truth.
                    — A.E. Housman

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蚂蚁免费版ⅴpn:  Radio Derb is on the air! The July 31st podcast is available 安卓免费pn and on iTunes. The transcript will be archived here on the evening of Wednesday, August 5th.
Note:  As of Fall 2015 my sole outlet for podcasts and written online commentary is VDARE.com. The Radio Derb podcast is here, written online commentary here.

VDARE classifies commentary as either 免费pn软件 or full-dress articles. My articles are mostly distilled by the VDARE editors from Radio Derb transcripts, then cross-posted at 安卓手机ⅴpn.

Reviews and commentary in print outlets are notified to Twitter and my "last 3 months" page, then archived in full (after a decent interval) at my "Reviews" or "Opinions" pages.

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This is my home page. I have archived the content of most of my written work (other than published books) on this website, so that you can get an idea of its scope and quality.

I am shameless about accepting donations. If something here gave you reading or listening pleasure, by all means help bolster my family finances. Thank you! You can donate directly using the PayPal button below, or by snail mail to me at P.O. Box 703, Huntington, NY 11743; or if you want to make a tax-deductible donation, you can do so via VDARE.com.

Commentary columns, articles, and reviews are all notified to Twitter as they appear: Click on the Twitter button at the top of this page.

They are also posted to an RSS feed. You can subscribe to the RSS feed using Feedly, The Old Reader, Ⅴpn软件, or one of the many similar services (though you don't have to subscribe in order to read the pieces). The Reader will alert you when I post anything new. To subscribe, just follow the Reader's instructions.

This link takes you to an ad hoc web page I put up — a sort of blog — dealing with the events of mid-April, 2012, which attracted a lot of notice and which people still ask me about.

The "Last 3 months" link in the navigation box brings up links to all my published columns, articles, and reviews for the past three months.

Other pages accessible from here via the navigation box offer readings of poetry and prose, interviews I have done at various times, an album of family pictures from our marriage onwards, a "virtual attic" of memorabilia and photographs from my own and my family's histories, and any kinds of notes or oddities I feel like storing on my website under "Miscellaneous."

To get in touch with me, please use the email address scrawled (in hopes of foxing the spambots) next to my mugshot at the left here.

Below the line I have put a handful of links to commonly requested pages.

[Note on finding an article you dimly remember :   If you dimly remember reading an article of mine and want to find it in these pages, just go to 安卓手机ⅴpn, enter "hkzsx2.wcbzw.com" into the "Search within a site or domain" box at the bottom, and put key words or phrases in the search box(es). If that doesn't do the trick, you may be thinking of something I posted on National Review Online's group blog, The Corner. Corner posts didn't get archived here, and NRO only archives them for a short time back, so you are most likely out of luck; but try Google Advanced Search with search website "www.nationalreview.com/corner."]
[蚂蚁免费版ⅴpn :   There are some Chinese characters here and there in the following pages. You should see a row of Chinese characters here:  一排空方格.  If instead you saw a row of little hollow squares, you are probably using some unfriendly configuration of Microsoft Explorer as your browser. The following thing worked in version 7 of IE: Go to "Tools … Compatibility View Settings," and add johnderbyshire.com to the box. Then "Tools"  again and just click on "Compatibility View," so that it's ticked. If that fails you'll have to install Chinese from "Control Panel … Languages," and you'll need your system disk. Why does Microsoft Corp. make our lives so difficult? Don't ask me.]

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